About Us

FORESIGHT Reconstruction, Inc. is a research and consulting firm specializing in vehicle accident reconstruction, forensic engineering, highway safety, human factors and emergency response to traffic crashes.


Licensed in the State of Illinois to practice engineering, FORESIGHT Reconstruction, Inc. is comprised of a staff of professional engineers and scientists who are ACTAR-certified and offer over 66 years of combined experience in accident investigation, reconstruction and safety research. With technical papers published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the Transportation Research Board (TRB), Accident Investigation Quarterly and others, FORESIGHT Reconstruction, Inc. staff is well-known and respected in the scientific community.


Having been invited to give presentations at numerous continuing education conferences (DRI, ATLA, ABA, etc.), and industry seminars, FORESIGHT Reconstruction, Inc. staff are also well-known and respected in the forensic community.


Available 24/7, we offer emergency response to major accidents nationwide and provide technical, analytical and logistical support thereafter.